Don Ash Foundation’s goal is to promote opportunities that help societies raise children who achieve educational and economic success. When selecting projects to support, we are guided by principles of integrity and transparency, as well as scalability and effectiveness. We review Small Grant Applications throughout the year, as our grant review process presumes collaborative planning between the DAF team and grantees.

As a start, we advise applicants to first email project outlines (in accordance with our Guidelines for Small Grants Application) Applicants submitting outlines that correspond to the priority intervention goals established may be contacted for further information.

After applicants have successfully passed through the first round of evaluation, they may be asked to submit a full Grant Application and Grant Budget. The DAF will not review full Grant Applications from applicants that have not successfully passed through the first round. Applicants may expect an initial response from the DAF within 6 weeks of submitting their project outline.

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