Early Moments Matter for Every Child!  

An old proverb says that if you want to change how a story ends, you must start from the beginning.        

Why we decided to focus our efforts and our social corporate responsibility precisely towards early childhood development?       

You don’t need a super power to be a super dad!

It is known that the first years of life do not leave specific memories in the mind of the child. Despite their absence, however, the truth is that these first years left a deep imprint on the overall development and construction of the personality of children, all of which find their reflection in their behaviour and self-esteem as adults. The child’s emotions in those first years, positive or negative, have great impact for the formation of the personality and for the construction of the individual capabilities. 

The child’s development in the first years after their birth is a period in which literally before our eyes a miracle happens: one little creature, driven by their instincts, gradually begins to communicate with the outside world, smiling, cooing, saying the first words, making its first steps, starting to express their emotions. Step by step they become increasingly independent and autonomous human beings. Parental affection, attention, care and dedication are one of the most important aspects for optimal child development. 

We, at PlayBox Technology, sincerely believe that they are the key to making full and optimal development of children.   

The children’s brain is amazing in terms of the acquisition of new knowledge and social skills. The only condition is to be subjected to enough external stimuli that promote its development.   

The brains of these little explorers forms hundreds, if not thousands, of new connections per second. Developing the all-important cognitive and social skills in children, we develop not just their personality, we invest in the well-being of mankind. Because healthy and happy children today means happy and successful adults tomorrow.   

In the absence of appropriate conditions, if the natural instincts for development are suppressed or if the child is not surrounded with love and care, and grows with fear and anxiety, it does not have the resources to develop their full potential. If the child is deprived of stimuli from meaningful contact with other human beings, if their movements are limited, it will inevitably give a reflection on the pace of development.  Hundreds of cases of children from homes for medical-social care, deprived of parental care who never say their first words, never make their first steps, simply because they are lacking basic warmth, care and attention.   

Therefore, we, in PlayBox Technology, decided to dedicate our efforts to build together a better world, for a better tomorrow! So let’s start now! Let us together change the end of the story.   

Through its partnership with UNICEF, we focus on concrete actions for the benefit of every child.